Providing you with the team to create your individual success!


We know that not every speaker is in a place in their career to participate in one of our more structured services. Or it could be that you do want to participate, but you are eager to start before your place on our waiting list comes up. 

That’s why we created our consulting service.

You will receive an initial consultation of up to 60 minutes without charge. After that time, we all should know if we’re a good fit.

Our consulting service is not intended to take the place of our management service, speaker development program, or our project service. What it is intended to do is to give you a place to become more focused, discuss ideas, and go forward with action items that we give you.  Call it “brainstorming” or call it “masterminding” or call it “throwing spaghetti against the wall” – our consulting service is about helping you see beyond where you are and begin moving into a more successful speaking career.

The Small Print

  • Decide on your initial month’s service duration (one, two, or three hours).
  • The minimum contract is one hour per month; the maximum contract is three hours per month.
  • Hours must be scheduled a minimum of 2 days in advance; once scheduled you will be invoiced. Pre-payment is required before your appointment.
  • Payment is by credit card, debit card, or ACH, paid in advance once you have scheduled your appointment.
  • Individual consulting calls can be of any duration, up to the total service hours you have scheduled and paid for each month.
  • Consulting service hours do not roll over unless Kate is unavailable for more than 10 business days in your service month.
  • If you exceed the hours in your service month, service will stop or you can add additional time by the quarter-hour based on your usual service fee.
  • Kate’s hours typically are Monday – Friday from 10 am – 4 pm ET; there will be days/times during which she is not available so you are encouraged to schedule your call(s) in advance.
  • Subsequent calls can be scheduled at the conclusion of each consulting call if you wish to continue.
  • You will be given your own link to Kate’s scheduling calendar for simplified scheduling.

Consulting Rates Per Month

One Hour Per Month – $125

Two Hours Per Month – $230

Three Hours Per Month – $315