Providing you with the team to create your individual success!

Providing you with the team to create your individual success!

Eliz Greene – Coming Soon!

COMING SOON! We look forward to introducing you to our latest speaker! Watch this space!

Want the key to high performance under stress? It's Eliz!

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When you hear the word "stress" it's likely that you don't feel all warm and fuzzy. But Eliz? Eliz gets ridiculously excited about stress.

Say what now?

She not only finds the chemical reaction in the body caused by stress fascinating, but stress is also her favorite topic to speak about, write about, or discuss in line at the grocery store.

Surviving a heart attack at age 35 while seven months pregnant with twins propelled Eliz on a mission to share her story to inspire other busy people to pay attention to their health. Just days after her heart stopped and she endured open heart surgery and a cesarean section delivery, Eliz held both her daughters together for the first time.

With a surgically repaired heart, Eliz also knows stress management isn’t a ‘nice-to-have,’ but rather an essential survival skill. 

Amazingly, despite the pain and uncertainty, what she felt most strongly was contentment. Her priorities were crystal clear. She knew she’d been given a second chance at life and a unique perspective for a reason.

Eliz firmly believes she is responsible for showing others how to manage stress and find contentment. Eliz is dedicated to leading others on a path to low stress and great success. And she does it with actionable strategies and humor (and dancing...there will probably be dancing!)

Leaders cannot lead effectively if they are stressed. Or if they are in search of the ever-elusive "work-life balance."  Eliz will show your leaders and your team how to become more productive and, well, less stressed. 

What People are Saying about Eliz

Her laser focus on priority; warm and funny stories, and immediately implementable strategies inspire participants to reach new heights while protecting productive time, personal relationships, and wellness.

Whether she is kicking off a sales conference or closing a leadership development event, Eliz’s high-energy and high-content programs combine humor, stories, original research… and even a little dancing.

Senior Planners Industry Network

…she is a true professional in that she is always thoroughly prepared, stays on message and fully understands how to communicate the subject matter in any time frame.

JILL LINTONEN, Marketing & PR Manager
Employ Milwaukee


I appreciate your readiness to step off the plane and onto the set, to go on the air in the early morning, to speak to people who can benefit from hearing your story. You have a remarkable ability to click with a crowd, and it was a pleasure working with you.

MARC JENNINGS, Communications Director
American Heart Association

Eliz is better than caffeine – we used her tips to stay engaged all day. What a great way to breathe life into the event!

JENNIFER DICKIE, CMP, Association Manager
MI Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists

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