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Myla and I met at one of the National Speakers Association conventions and, after that, she asked me to help her with her Certified Speaking Professional application. I’m so glad that our relationship continued after she received her CSP. Working with her on her CSP, I immediately discovered that she’s SO smart and intuitive when it comes to working with clients who are looking for a training program for their employees. Most of the speakers I work with identify as keynoters, but Myla is my trainer. I worked closely with her as she developed an intensive training program for a major architectural manufacturing company and I was impressed by her creativity and her passion for training. Having seen other trainers in the past, I enjoy seeing how she approaches the process of creating and implementing her training programs. Her expertise is in sales, customer service, communication and professional image training and I’m glad that I get the benefit of her training by fallout! She’s as comfortable working in the hospitality industry as she is working with governmental agencies and heavy equipment. It’s because she knows her topics and her talent so completely that she can create training programs for, well, anyone!

What People are Saying

Myla is a leader in teaching leadership!

I attended her “Leadership and Management for Non-Managers and Aspiring Supervisors” in March of 2016. The course was very interactive with other in-class students which made it fun while you were learning. I learned a lot about myself as well as my interactions with others. As I have refined my leadership skills with the completion of this course, I know I will be an even better leader at any organization whether in a leadership position or not.

Myla is super knowledgeable in the field of Leadership and will go out of her way to answer any question not in the course agenda. I highly recommend a course in leadership with her.

Selective Service Systems

I attended a training course on [selling] that Myla taught. Myla was organized and very energetic through the two-day course. She answered questions with anecdotes from her own experience, or other relevant experiences in order to drive points home. She made the class fun by maintaining a balanced level of theory and group activities. What I liked the most was that she attempted to connect with every person in the class on a personal level which helped everyone get comfortable quickly, and share their own experiences/ concerns regarding selling.

SUNAINA PAI OCALAN, Manager, DA/Strategy
Hess Corporation


Myla’s Booking Information

Preferred Airport: Washington, DC (DCA)
Fee: Request a quote on customized training programs

Some of the Clients Myla has Spoken for:

Cessna Aircraft Co.
Fifth Third Bank
Ford Motor Company
Keystone Mercy Health Plan
LA Times
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Thompson Creek Window Company
United Anesthesia
Veteran’s Administration

Industries That Fit Best With Myla’s Topics

Administration Professionals
Colleges & Universities
Energy & Utilities
Hotels & Hospitality
Insurance & Finance
Public & Government Agencies
Software & Technology
Temporary Placement

Myla’s Speaking Topics

Myla creates and delivers training programs specific to each client’s needs in the following areas:

Understanding the principles of consultative selling
Developing the behaviors and skills of a successful sales professional
Managing the client’s buying
Preventing and handling resistance
Creating a competitive advantage
Presenting the solution
Getting the business
Implementing the solution
Managing the relationship
Accelerating sales
Optimizing the sales pipeline
Engaging influencers vs. decision makers
Planning the sales call
Developing sales strategies

Creating a competitive advantage
Connecting with the customer
Developing and sustaining customer loyalty
Guiding customer conversations
Understanding and meeting customer requirements
Managing customer expectations
Maintaining a helpful attitude
Strengthening credibility
Developing and following business processes
Listening to serve
Delivering the good, the bad and the ugly
Managing difficult customer behavior
Healing customer relationships
Creating “win-win” outcomes
Problem-solving and decision making
Interacting with different behavioral styles
Maintaining accountability and empowerment
Increasing employee satisfaction

Active listening
Assertive communication
Establishing credibility
Creating and delivering successful presentations
Communication styles
Effective meeting guidelines
Giving and receiving directions
Persuading and influencing
Providing and receiving feedback
Workplace etiquette
Non-verbal communication
Moving from conflict to collaboration
Avoiding negativity
Appropriate self-promotion
Creating a strong “virtual presence” (telephone, email & voice mail)
Handling difficult situations

Why image matters
How to manage first impressions and perceptions
Psychology of dress
Selling yourself
Image and performance
Psychology of colors
Developing and expressing personal style
Business etiquette
Wardrobe planning and maintenance
Business attire vs. business casual
Strategies for shopping
Personal grooming
Social etiquette
Professional conduct
How to support your image through communications

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Myla – Beyond the Platform

Speaking or not, Myla loves to travel Speaking or not, Myla loves to travel And Myla LOVES Skiing And Myla LOVES Skiing And MORE traveling! And MORE traveling!