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Paul Templer

Lessons Learned Down a Hippo's Throat


Of all my speaker's pages, I think that writing this one makes me smile the most. Why? Because Paul came into my life during one of my most embarrassing moments...ever.

It was at the NSA Convention in Orlando in 2010. One of my speaker buddies who is a bit of a comic, ran up to me all excited and said: "Kate, Kate, I need to introduce you to a friend of mine who was eaten by a hippopotamus!" Well, if you know me at all, you know I can be a smart aleck. If it had been any other speaker making this announcement, I like to think I would have taken them seriously, but considering the source, I dramatically raised my arms over my head as though I had the vapors and said: "Oh well, that happened to me last week." At which point I was officially introduced to Paul Templer; standing there, with his prosthetic arm, looking bemused. I stood there wanting to crawl in a hole as I surmised that he had, in fact, been eaten by a hippopotamus. I stuttered a bit and reached out to shake his hand and muttered something like " nothin'" When I talked to my husband that night I told him I had met a speaker that I was never, ever going to work with. But Paul and I kept running into each other and on the final day, we totally missed the last sessions and sat in the lobby and talked for hours. 

He certainly didn't fit my preconceived image of a wildlife guide. He's certainly all manly and stuff, but (and no offense intended to other wildlife guides) he's crazy smart, is an amazing storyteller, and he truly has a brilliant business mind.

What People are Saying About Paul

Paul Templer delivered an incredibly powerful and moving keynote presentation to our colleagues. Paul’s account of his “bad day at the office” mesmerized our entire group and kept them on the edge of their seats. Most importantly, our colleagues walked away from the experience inspired in every way.

MICHAEL D. FEZZEY, Regional President
Huntington Bank

Paul has an extraordinary background that he is able to leverage to get extraordinary results from ordinary people. The result was increased effectiveness for the organization and heightened satisfaction for me. It has been over a year since Paul and I worked together but his emphasis on consistent practice and ongoing application ensured that I embodied what I learned in our time together. His coaching methodology and the integrity with which he operates is a powerful combination that has benefitted me greatly.

DOUG BERQUIST, Director, Team Effectiveness
Royal Bank of Canada


We had over 300 people in attendance and you held everyone’s attention. We could have heard a pin drop during your presentation. Your story touched so many in our audience that we were still talking about it at the banquet that evening.

RAE MALESH, Auxiliary Activities Coordinator
National Assoc. of Mutual Insurance Companies

You changed my life in ways I can't even comprehend as of yet!

Inacomp Technical Services

Paul's Booking Information

Preferred Airport: Detroit, MI (DTW)
Fee: $10,000 - $25,000

Some of the Clients Paul has Spoken for:

Allianz Financial Services
Amgen Biopharmaceutical
General Motors
Getinge Healthcare Group
Huntington Bank
International Assoc. for Cold Storage Construction
Lincoln Financial
National Assoc. of Campus Activities
National Freight Transport Association
Religious Conference Management Association 
US Army; US Marine Corps.
US Tennis Association

Industries That Fit Best With Paul's Topics

Colleges & Universities
First Responder Organizations
Insurance & Finance
Public & Government Agencies
Recreation & Sports Associations
Software & Technology
Special Education 

Paul's Speaking Topics & Book

Speaking Topics:

Bad day at the office: The Safari Guide's Adversity Tool-Kit

While guiding an African river safari, Paul was attacked by an enraged hippopotamus that pulled him from his canoe and swallowed him headfirst up to his waist. Chances are a hippopotamus hasn't swallowed anyone in your organization. But everyone has bad days at the office and no one gets through life without confronting adversity and change.

 A living example of the power of choice, Paul inspires his audiences to overcome adversity and manage change while he challenges them and empowers them to create a life full of achievement, happiness, and success.

This presentation will give you the tools to:

  • Transform change and adversity into opportunities and success
  • Build a stronger identity both personally and professionally
  • Take increasing responsibility for your actions and act more consistently with your values
  • Act productively by choice rather than letting a grumpy/anxious mood influence and/or dictate your actions
  • Make a greater contribution to your family, your colleagues, your community and the world at large
  • Sleep easier at night
Being Stressed (BS) is Optional

Mood is everything, it's just not the only thing. Even the most competent and committed amongst us allow our performance to suffer when we indulge in unproductive moods and let ourselves wallow in a state of overwhelm. Be entertained and inspired as you learn to apply simple and easily applicable practices that enable you to boldly and confidently claim that BS is Optional as you move successfully, navigating and making the most of these turbulent/challenging times.

Getting Work to Work: Learn from the Habits of High Performing Teams

Doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it and giving people a heads up when you can’t… and playing together nicely should be organizational norms, right? Research* claims “Not so.” This entertaining, interactive and pragmatic session brings together lessons learned via battlefields, bedrooms, boardrooms and playing fields around the world and introduces participants to some of the core practices and commitments that enable High Performing Teams to outperform their competitors.
Warning: Common side effects attributed to participation in this workshop include heightened awareness of organizational dysfunction, shared commitment to intolerance of poor performance and a renewed commitment to accountability and to thoroughly enjoying contributing to a winning team.
*Gartner, McKinsey, and the American Management Association claim that the typical western worker fulfills his/her commitments (on time, on budget, as scoped) 30-60% of the time.


What's Left of Me: How I lost a fight with a rogue hippo and won my life

(Kate here - this book is especially dear to me as I had the pleasure of being a part of the pre-publishing edit process. Paul had me from the first sentence!) 

The transition from Zimbabwe to Beverly Hills, Michigan would be challenging for anyone, even for those with advantage. So, “with no money, no job, and no arm”, Paul Templer faced more than the usual obstacles. As his story reveals, with an acute sense of what is possible, Paul tackled his pursuit of the American dream with the same determination he used to fight the rogue hippo that almost took his life. And he was victorious in both battles.

Paul - Beyond the Platform

Paul Met With HH Karmapa Lama
Paul Met With HH Karmapa Lama
Paul Training For Everest
Paul Training For Everest
Paul's one-armed paddle invention
Paul's one-armed paddle invention

Paul Templer News Feed

Paul Templer prepares to climb Mount Everest

Paul Templer prepares to climb Mount Everest

Paul shared this on his Facebook page. What an adventure he had! AN UPDATE FROM PAUL IN NEPAL T[Read More...]