Providing you with the team to create your individual success!

Providing you with the team to create your individual success!

CSP Application Checklist

If you have received this page, then we are already working together.

I hope this will help you confirm you have all the necessary information and for those speakers on a CSP retainer, the form below will give Kate the information necessary to complete the online portion of your application.

Please make sure to visit our application assistance page and the NSA Certification page if you have any questions about the criteria. 

If you are an hourly applicant, and therefore will be submitting your own application, you will find the application on the NSA Certification page and you can complete this information there.



  • Retainer applicants will submit material to Kate via email so that she can include it in your emailed application package to NSA.

    Hourly applicants will submit all these materials directly to

    • Presentation/Evaluator Spreadsheet
    • Confirmation that you attended the required sessions in person at Influence 2019.  If you did not, you must download the sessions using the button below. NSA is able to track that you have played the audios. 
    • *Business Model Narrative - while this used to be standard criteria, NSA now asks for a business model narrative only if you have an "out of the ordinary" business model. If you are a keynote/breakout speaker working with individual clients, this should not apply to you. Ask Kate if you have any questions. 
    • If applicable in your situation, other documentation needed may include employer verification letter(s), and support materials for any self-sponsored events.


Only applicants who are on a retainer agreement for their CSP processing with AFS need to complete the form below. Hourly applicants will submit their own application and will complete this portion on the NSA Certification page. 

CSP Online Application Information

  • You will find this on your NSA account page by visiting and clicking on Member Login
  • If directed by Kate, please complete the box below. If your salary or compensation model is unique, provide a brief written description of your business model.
  • The video can be unpublished but it CANNOT be private From the NSA Website:Video Evaluation Your video represents your best work. If you are a keynoter, submit a video of your keynote. If you are a trainer, submit a training session. Videos that do not successfully demonstrate platform skills, expertise, or ethics are the most frequent reason for application no being put forward to the next phase.For the class of 2021, there are two video options: Option 1 - submit two 30-minute videos Option 2 - submit one 60-minute videoVideos can be raw footage, unedited, and show an audience. Long introductions of you as the speaker do not count toward the 30-minute or 60-minute limits. It is essential that the individuals reviewing your video can see and hear you speaking. The audio track must be easily understood.The audio track must be continuous with one exception: You may cut audience portions if you make a statement on the video, note this in the description section when uploading your video to YouTube, and indicate that the camera and audio will be off while the audience engages in an exercise. For example, if you give directions to the audience, such as, "You have 10 minutes of work time," then cut back in when you say, "It's been 10 minutes. Let's discuss your work." making note of audio cuts avoids the chances of your video being disqualified and dispels any questions of possible ethics violations.The visual portion may be shot using multiple camera angles to show the speaker, the audience, and the slide deck or other visual aids, if the audio is uninterrupted.Non-English speakers must provide a written transcript in English of the audio track. Videos will be reviewed by speakers of your language whenever possible.It is wise to ask a seasoned speaker (or two) to review your footage prior to submission but beware of asking friends and new CSPs. The first can be too generous and the latter can be too harsh. Choose seasoned CSPs who can be direct and offer constructive feedback.
  • Understanding And Agreement I understand the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation is not an endorsement or recommendation by the National Speakers Association, but rather a designation of achievement through experience and professionalism. In any advertising or promotion, I will not use, indicate or infer any more than receipt of the CSP certification. I hereby affirm I have received, read, understood, and agree to abide by the National Speakers Association's Code of Professional Ethics.In consideration of the National Speakers Association Reviewing my application, I shall indemnify hold harmless, and release NSA, its officers, directors, employees, agents or others acting for or on behalf of NSA from any all liability arising out of the acceptance or rejection of this application and the suspension or termination of the CSP designation for any reason by NSAOnce you have obtained the CSP designation, you will be required to maintain the designation through a simple ongoing process. The CSP designation must be renewed every five (5) years by meeting the following requirements:1. Maintain membership in good standing in NSA or a member association of the GSF. 2. Earn a minimum of 24 professional education credits. 3. Submit an administrative fee of $200.00 USD.

If you have questions, schedule a call with Kate