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Speaker Sam Smith Firefighter Speaker

Samantha Smith

First Responder - LGBTQA+ Awareness- Mental Health

Meet Samantha...

Samantha Smith brings a unique and diverse perspective to her audiences, being a former Police Officer and current Volunteer Firefighter, her stories are impactful and relatable. She has shared her stories of mental health and the LGBTQIA+ community with thousands of people from around the World. Samantha is a proud Lesbian, Wife and Mother who was recently named one of the top 28 speakers in the World at the 2021 World Championship of Public Speaking. She is passionate about mental health awareness and breaking down barriers, specifically in the LGBTQIA+ community to ensure their voices are heard. Samantha is also a speaking coach who leaves her audiences not only empowered to tell their own story but calls on them to take action, to be accountable, and to effect positive change in their communities to protect those whose lives depend on it.

Sam reached out to me in the summer of 2022 and we immediately connected.  As the wife of a retired Law Enforcement Officer, her experiences were easy to connect with.  I knew that her place in the LGBTQA+ community would help me with my desire to help speakers touch the world.  I already feel like I’m a part of her family and her wife and children feel like they are a part of mine.

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Your story will change many lives… Samantha Smith, it’s amazing

Dilan Joseph

I’m so proud of you! Samantha, you are an amazing and fierce young lady. When you set a goal there is no stopping you. Your voice….. your story! This is not the end, but the beginning!

MaryEllen Gleixner

Samantha Smith, please keep sharing that story. Your story is the story of so many people. Great speech! Thank you.

Izidro Sousa
Samantha, thank you for your powerful and motivating talk yesterday at Grundfos Pride celebration. I am moved by your story, and motivated to be a better ally in growing awareness and tolerance in our communities and society in general. It all starts within us, opening up to be more vulnerable as the first step. Thank you!
K. Zaman

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