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Customer Service Matters

“It’s not my job” – Oh, yes it is!

Really good customer service is a beautiful thing to behold. Really bad customer service creates a negative impression because it can so easily be avoided.My husband and I recently went to our local multiplex on a rainy afternoon to see “How to Train Your Dragon 3” (I’m a fan!). We arrived in plenty of time – under normal circumstances. I had lost sight of the fact that it was spring break so the parking garage was pretty full. So up we went. And we ended up going into a section that should have been fenced off because it’s where the local Ford dealership stores their trucks (on the way back down, we saw the gate). So there we were, following other hopeful parkers. Followed them right into a dead end. So everyone ahead of us had to turn around in what amounted to a ten-point road turn. One after the other. After we finally got turned around to head back down, there were probably another dozen drivers who would have to do the same thing. We now were going to be late for the movie. I told the theatre employee who scanned our tickets that they might want to get someone to the parking deck to close the gate that would have kept people from entering the dead end because it was going to cause people to miss their movie. His response? “The theatre has nothing to do with the parking garage.” Their theatre has EVERYTHING to do with any circumstance that has a negative impact on their customer’s experience. He should have said: “Thanks for telling me. I’ll let management know.” His response was, sadly, a typical “not my job” response. And it made me cringe.

Remember that every person you have on your staff is a customer service representative even if that’s not in their official title.

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