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When you are looking for speakers for your event, whether it is a large association, corporate annual meeting, or an inter-company workshop, you aren’t just looking for speakers, you are looking for problem-solvers. You need to find speakers who offer solutions to your challenges, who fit your budget, and who will offer the best experience for your attendees.

We know that there are a lot of speakers for you to choose from and we appreciate your considering one or more of the speakers we work with. We are committed to helping you find speakers who will make you look good, who will be easy to work with, and who will deliver the content and the outcomes you need.

Our Planners

We work with all types of meeting planners: Full-time, professional meeting planners; situational meeting planners who have other duties within the company or association who have been tasked with event management; and we work with speaker’s bureaus. We don’t have to tell you what a hard job you have. Pros get calls from a lot of speakers eager to speak at their events. Bureaus are contacted by speakers who want to be listed. Many situational planners are often responsible for planning an event for the first time and they find themselves in new territory. We love working with you all!

A note to our bureau partners: We are obsessive when it comes to discovering how a planner heard about our speakers. We keep detailed records and if the planner saw our speaker at a bureau engagement, you can be certain that we will contact you immediately so that you can work directly with the planner. Also, here on our website, there is a link on each speaker’s page leading to their bureau-friendly eSpeakers profile so that you can provide it to your clients.

Our Linda Larsen, CSP, CPAE summed up the kind of care we give when she blogged about Kate’s interaction with one of Linda’s planners.

The most successful event that you can have is one that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations

Our Process

You will see us repeatedly refer to our speakers as our family. You meet that family by visiting our Speakers Page where you can get to know our speakers from Kate’s point of view and learn why she chose to work with them. From there you can send us a contact form letting us know how we can help you. But we also love it when planners bypass our forms and call us directly. Either way, it is our honor to work with planners to help you chose the best speakers to fit your needs.

And while we are absolutely committed to the success of our speakers, sometimes a planner needs a speaker with a story or set of capabilities not possessed by the speakers we work with directly. Not to worry! When that happens we have extensive resources that allow us to help our planners locate and secure the best speaker for their event – whether that speaker is in our family or not.

Our Promise

Everyone with AFS wants the same thing: to make you look good and to help make your job just a little bit easier while providing your audiences with an unforgettable experience.

So in addition to providing you with impactful speakers and great customer service, we’ve also included a resources page that features some business and industry-related information and tools that we hope you will find helpful.