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Becoming a speaker is sort of like trying to get a credit card for the first time – if you don’t have credit, it’s hard to get credit. The same can be said about becoming a speaker. If you want to be a speaker but have little or no experience as a speaker, you have a hard time getting booked as a speaker.

If you have decided to commit yourself to embrace the journey that is professional speaking, and you don’t have all of the components below, and if you are not currently booking at least one full-fee presentation per month, you may be a good fit for our Speaker Development Program.

Much goes into the creation of a successful speaking career.

There is the brand: who are you, how is that communicated to the potential planner.

There is the technical: demo video, an industry-standard speaking website, targeted social media and marketing materials, and a well-planned strategy.

There is the message: creating the foundation and consistency of your message and the clarity of your key concepts.

There is your platform presence: making sure your physical and vocal instruments align with your message so that you can successfully deliver an impactful presentation.

Speakers in our SDP will work with several members of our team, each of whom has been chosen for their specific areas of expertise from website creation to branding to platform coaching.

Once you have completed our SDP, you will be given the opportunity to convert to an ongoing management relationship and we will honor the investment structure that was in place when you entered into the SDP.

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“Kate is an amazing, detail-oriented manager who goes above and beyond the “status quo.” Her grasp of the speaking marketplace and her dedication to clients really separates her from the pack. Her commitment to excellence is apparent in everything she does.”

-Ben Clark, Creative Director, Awespire, LLC